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How to Plan the Perfect Summer Bash

Summer offers the most beautiful climate for event planning. There are so many party options to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start.  Below, we have compiled some of the keys to an unforgettable summer event.

A Theme Is A Sure Thing

It is common for a catering in Boston, just like any other catering, to include a theme. Themes allow your patrons to get invested in the fun of your party early. Get your creative juices flowing and challenge your guest’s creativity with quirky themes such as:

  • The good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Roaring 20’s
  • Glitz and glamour
  • Summer in the Hamptons
  • Color themes; all white, red, black etc.
  • Good old country hoedowns

Themed food, decorations, and refreshments naturally stir conversation.  They are like having built-in masters of ceremony, keeping your party moving and guests engaged.

Have Plenteous And Sumptuous Bites

Summer events call for fresh and colorful food.  Make you menu selection reflect the vibe of the season.  Always keep in mind your guests and key points about their eating habits such as:

  • Allergies
  • Vegan, paleo, or other special diets
  • Favorite foods
  • Local favorites

It is important to label your dishes clearly, primarily to prevent allergic reactions. Labels can also have more than utilitarian purposes. They can serve as another infusion of fun and interest for your guest’s by way of creative food names, as well as offer recipes to interested guests.  Also be sure to have enough food provided, so you do not run out of any one dish. It is better to over prepare than under prepare.

Mix Up Seating Options

The most obvious seating is not always the most important. Granted adequate seating for food service is essential. However, you also want seating arranged to improve the flow of your party and encourage guest mingling.  Seating creates ambiance and gives you greater control in overall staging.

Lighting And Music Set The Tone

Lighting and music are the most crucial factors in setting the tone for your event.  They transition guests from one stage of your gathering to the other. Lighting and music:

  • Encourage dancing
  • Cause guests to relax
  • Indicate the night is coming to an end

Lighting also can highlight food service areas, directional signs, and focal points.  With careful event timing, natural lighting can provide a beautiful backdrop for your gathering.

When catering parties, DJs are indispensable. They can tailor the music to what best suits each moment, and your guests’ vibes. That said, a less expensive option is a playlist pre-planned for the event. Pandora and YouTube Red also can provide endless, commercial free, automated mixes.


Whether the party is being held in your home or a venue, don’t be afraid to mix circles of friends and acquaintances from different parts of your life. You might be surprised how having a diverse group lends to a more enjoyable party experience. Don’t hesitate to invite neighbors, casual friends, and coworkers. Done strategically, it can reflect positively on you, and give your guests a glimpse into the rounded life you live outside of your shared environment with them.

Event planning should be a fun experience. Use these tips to make your next event the best of the year.  Most of all, enjoy yourself. You are the host so bask in the fruits of your labor!


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