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How to Choose an Event Planning and Catering Company

A corporate event is an excellent way of gaining publicity for your business, giving staff members the chance to leave the workplace for some enjoyment, and enabling industry partners to engage with you in a light hearted setting. Of course, the majority of corporate events provide food, so the catering firm you use can play a big part in how well your event is received.


Good cuisine will make your event memorable for attendees, and make outsiders look more favorably on your business. Here’s some proven tips on choosing the ideal corporate event catering firm for your company do.


Estimate the Number of Guests Prior to Booking


In all likelihood, you want your event to attract lots of guests, and although that’s fine for your business, it can be problematic for certain caterers. Some catering firms are usually hired for informal, smaller events, whereas others are more geared up to service big events. You do not have to know precisely how many guests will attend your event, however you ought to have a rough figure in mind. This way, you can choose a corporate catering firm that can cope with your guest numbers.


Calculate Your Budget for the Event


It is important to decide on your budget before you get into any serious event planning, otherwise you could end up wasting time contacting catering firms that you can’t afford. Make sure you know how much you have available to spend on the catering services, venue, decor and other aspects of the event.


Make a Decision About the Drinks Arrangements


Lots of corporate events feature a full bar, offering guests fancy cocktails throughout the night. However, this is not mandatory. Think about whether a bar would compliment the tone of your event.


For gala events and holiday parties, a bar is a must. However, if you are only organising an informal corporate meetup, you can manage without. In any case, you should talk about the advantages and disadvantages with your catering firm, to identify the best course of action.


Include a Range of Culinary Choices


Corporate event planning can be challenging, particularly given that many standard catering choices are mundane. It is usually vegetarian, chicken or beef entrees, with a few hors d’oeuvres thrown in for good measure. To differentiate your event from others, you should include a plethora of tantalizing dishes.


A good catering firm will put together a menu that is tailor made to your event, with a range of tasty choices for attendees. Whether you are hosting a corporate conference, corporate holiday party or corporate gala, a good caterer can draw up a suitable menu. Spend some time talking to your caterer about the different food options available, and make sure you offer something for all kinds of diets.


If you want your company event to live long in people’s memories, some careful event planning with greater catering will make your business the talk of the town. For a trustworthy and experienced event planner in Boston MA, New England, or Palm Beach, FL, South Florida, consider Lori Rizzo Events. Our company offers a range of catering and event services, such as floral arrangements, entertainment, decor and of course catering.


Get in touch with Lori Rizzo Events today, for further details about availability and booking. Telephone 561-865 7476 (Palm Beach/South Florida), or 978 239 8538 (Boston/New England). Alternatively, you can reach us online by visiting http://loririzzoevents.com or www. distinctivetastecatering.com.


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