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Creating a Beautiful Fall Centerpiece for any Occasion

Back in my home town of Boston I remember rushing fall the entire month of August! This time of year lends itself to a more rustic, outdoorsy form of decorating which I have always liked. Heavier fabrics, leather and suede, plaids and tweeds, jewel tones. All right up my ally. I am ready for Fall and apple picking and here it is the first of September! Oversized square dinner plates rimmed with maple leaves and clusters of acorns were the perfect choice for my fall table. A set of napkins with embroidered leaves in fall colors would complement my table perfectly. My tablescapes are really an early fall interpretation of the season, not Thanksgiving-styled fall tablescape – that one will be coming in November when I get ready for the holiday table!

Here in South Florida I find myself decorating with a combination of fall colors and blue jewel tones reminiscent of the ocean where I live. Sunflowers and jewel tones of blue make a lovely combination for a seaside retreat. I would pair sunflowers with fall dinner plates and blue chargers and napkins would compliment my table perfectly.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money – start with your centerpiece which can be made with some life like silk flowers and move on to your tablescape decor from there.

Add some sunflowers to your fall centerpiece and incorporate the color in your decor, even if it isn’t a traditional fall color, you will love how it looks in your home!

If you would like to create amazing centerpieces we are happy to help! We offer customized tablescape designs for your corporate events, social events, parties or other event planning needs. Call us today at 561-865-7476 in Palm Beach FL or South Florida as well as 978-239-8538 in the Boston or New England area. We have great consulting and design services and we would love to serve you.

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