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Catering – New England

Catering - New England

Whether we are dropping off food for a meeting or designing a full service event with staffing, equipment, linens and decor no event is too big or too small or too complex for Distinctive Tastes Catering. Lori Rizzo Events is prepared to flawlessly execute any type of event. We have a 1200 square foot state of the art kitchen and baking room, highly skilled culinary professionals, highest quality freshest products delivered daily, custom focused event designers and an on time delivery staff.

Couture Sample Menus

Couture Brunch or Shower Sampling Menu

  • Caesar Salad - Served In A Parmesan Crisp Cup With Homemade Croutons And Fresh Shaved Parmesan
  • Pancake Stacks Served with Maple Syrup and Blueberry Compote
  • Eggs Benedict Served on a Tasting Spoon
  • Mini Lobster Rolls with homemade tarragon Aioli
  • Oatmeal “Crème Brulee” Bites
  • Triple-Berry and Mango Smoothie Shots
  • Rice Krispie treat pops on a stick dipped in frosting
  • Miniature Milkshake Shots – Complete With Cream, Cherry Or Sprinkles And A Straw!
  • Banana Pudding Shots And Mini Cashew-crusted Key Lime Pies With Orange Cream
  • A Huge Selection of Cookies from Chewy Cookies, to Sandwich Cookies to Crispy Cookies Served With Cold milk shots
  • Fresh Season Fruit Salad with Honey and Mint or Fruit Skewers with Special Dipping Sauce
  • Breakfast Egg Souffles Served in a Croissant Crust

Bagel Bar

  • Bagels with smoked salmon, assorted flavors cream cheese, capers, lemon, shallots and whipped butter
  • Bread & Pastry Bar
  • Assorted Croissants, Tea Breads and Muffins Served with homemade flavored butters, lemon curd and jams

Reception platters and dips

Maryland crab dip with french bread or crab brie and artichoke

Seasonal crudite basket with garden dip

Sante fe Terrine

Guacamole salsa sour cream, tomatoes, monterey jack cheese and jalapeños served with multi colored tortilla chips.

Creamy spinach dip in harvest hollowed bread bowl

Carrots, celery and flatbreads

Satay Display

Grilled chicken, beef and shrimp with asian 5 spice served with spicy peanut and hoisin soy dipping sauces.

Chicken tenders platter served with honey mustard and barbecue sauce

Middle Eastern Table

Hummus, taboule, raisin couscous, olives, feta red peppers with a basket of pita chips.

Trio of Bruschetta

  • Olive and Caper
  • White Cannellini
  • Roasted tomato and mozzarella

Herb roasted filet of beef

served with veggie chips, knot rolls served with red pepper aioli, mustard and horseradish cream

Ranch or buffalo wings with ranch or bleau cheese dipping sauce

Mexican Table

Tri color tortilla chips with salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

Italian Feast

Artfully arranged italian delicacies to include frsh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, salamis, olives, provolone chunks, artichokes and tomatoes accompanied by crostinis and breadsticks.

California pinwheels

Served in paper baking cups assortment to include:

• Turkey havarti and garlic aioli

• Ham swiss and honey mustard

• BLT with mayo


Fritter Station

An array of sweet and savory fritters with dipping sauces.

Mac And Cheese Station

With assorted toppings

Chicken and Waffle Bar

Served with a side of pure maple syrup drizzle


Sweet & Savory Crepe Bar

Pad Thai Action Station

Thai themed station attended by a Chef that will treat your guests to Flavor and Flair!  served in multicolored takeout boxes and chopsticks.

Chowder Bar Shooters

 Corn and Cheddar

 Clam, Fish, Seafood, Lobster


Carving Station

House Brined Turkey or

Maple Cured Ham or Tenderloin with rolls, chutneys and mustards

Dumpling Station w/ Dipping Sauces

Various fillings, Vegetarian, Chicken, Meat Pork

Misting Station

Choice of Skewer

(Chicken, Fish Or Veggie) Guests choose a ‘Mister,’ which is similar to a little perfume bottle filled with favored oil, typically Truffle,

Pineapple or Balsamic, for their meats.